Monday, April 30, 2007

A little about my life...

I live a very simple life. I like it that way. I work for our local County government by day as a Secretary in the highway department and my husband works for Friendship Dairies by night and we have a small beef farm. So as you can tell we don't see much of each other. We have no children but we do have three cats that are our life. I would like to introduce you to them.

Our oldest is Macie Gray ( he's the care taker)

Then there is Spooky ( I wasn't to creative on that one)

And finally my baby. Gary bought him for me 2 years ago for Christmas. He is a bengal and his name is Simba. He is such a brat. I have never met a cat like him. He makes me laugh everyday.

I have to show you a couple pictures of him so you can see how beautiful he is.

Ok maybe one more, I'm such a proud mommy.

This is what makes me happy. After a long day at work I come home to these three beautiful creatures.


Mike Eberhart said...

Those are some really sharp looking cats! Very cute!

Lynn Barry said...

So do you work in Belmont? If so maybe we can eat at Coops on your lunch break sometime.
What beautiful cats. I say that because I do like pics of cats but I admit I am extremely AFRAID of cats. YIKES~

Shawna said...

Beautiful! Love the baby!

A beef farm? How is that working--do you enjoy it, sell the beef, organic, free range, farmer's markets? Do tell! It sounds so intriguing and a bit romanitic in a way--the simple life!