Friday, April 27, 2007

Iron Deficiency Anemia

My doctor just called my iron levels are extremely low once again. I give up. They go up and they go down. He is putting me on a new supplement that I have to take 3 times a day. That will be interesting to see how well I remember to do that. Just when you think you are making headway and you find out that your not.

Iron deficiency anemia is very common with Celiac Disease. This is due to the small intestine not absorbing nutrition. Iron is essential for a healthy immune system and for energy production. Here are some tips for taking iron:

  • Take Iron and Vitamin C together. The presence of vitamin C can increase iron's absorption by as much as 30 percent.

  • Avoid taking an antacid at the same time you take iron. Stomach acid is needed properly to absorb iron.

  • Avoid using excessive amounts of zinc and vitamin E, which can interfere with iron absorption.

  • Take vitamin A and B complex at the same time as iron. They are also needed for complete iron absorption.

Iron is also found in many foods, including eggs, meat, poultry, leafy green vegetables, and molasses.


kbabe1968 said...

UGH! I so know where you are!!! I've been chronically anemic for 12 years! Every blood test has revealed the same thing. Keep the faith. :)

Lynn Barry said...

I love the pic...I am glad you are getting help with this. HUGS

Natalie said...

It will get better! Cheer up!

ethelee said...

Try yellow dock root extract, organic or wildcrafted. I use the one by Nature's Answer from my local health food store. Visit for low discounted vitamins and minerals. This is where I order my extract, it is 50 % cheaper than in health food stores. I have been anemic for a long time. Now, since I have been taking yellow dock root extract for three weeks and my iron is now 11.2. This is great improvement from being at an 8.5. I will continue to take it and get my blood tested again next month. It is impportant to keep taking it for up to 6 months to rebuild your iron stores otherwise your iron levels will go up and down. Also, Google search yellow dock root for more information. Also yellow dock root is loaded with vitamin C and Vitamin B complex which is why it is so easily absorbed by the body and works so effectively.