Thursday, April 12, 2007

Comfort Food. I am all about comfort food and this one of my favorites. I love to mix up a batch of meatballs and have them as a meal. Also this is a great dish to take as lunch the next day. (And I must say they were mighty tasty today for lunch)

If I am making them as a meal for my husband and myself, then I will cook him some spaghetti to go with them and for myself I will make some Chebe Bread and bake it with lots of garlic infused olive oil for an open-faced meatball sandwich.

I made my meatballs a little different this time. I never buy or make gluten free breads, so this time I took my gluten free breadcrumbs and soaked them in milk and that gave me a nice texture for my meatballs then mixed in garlic, freshly grated Parmesan, eggs, basil and parsley.


Natalie said...

Great idea. I love comfort food too!

Meesh said...

I wanted you to know that I am 18 months into my diagnosis, and reading your post about feeling lonely with the disease is EXACTLY how I feel.

I will link off my blog to you, sometimes it is about being GF, or my life, or my kids, but I hope that you enjoy.

Lea Ray said...

Meesh. Thanks for the note. These blogs are great and I enjoy reading all of them. We just have to remember how good we feel now that we're GF.