Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aaron James

Today is my nephews memorial service. Little Aaron James was born on April 5th and was with us for a few short hours. It is amazing how such a little person can touch your heart is such a short time. He will be forever in my heart.

I wanted to share this poem with everyone that was given to my sister by the hospital. No poem could ever describe the feelings more than this one.

I walk to remember

The steps you’ll never take.
I carry you with me
As I firmly plant my feet.
Our trek started long ago,
Before my belly swelled.
You were a love that grew-
Like butterfly wings that beat.
Your gentle flutters then became
Kicks upon which I would dwell.
And I would take to you,
sweet babe,
About the world you soon would meet.

The sun always shone upon us then-
When you were in my womb.
And I was eager to show you the world
That would have been your home.
How you’d have loved the sun shining-
Blue skies without a cloud.
The autumn leaves turning-
the snow falling all around.
The flowers in the summer-
Would have filled your eyes with smiles.
And the rain that might have fallen
Would have caused you great surprise.
You would have traveled far with me-
Holding me by the hand.
And I’d have shown you all I could-
More than I could imagine.

You hold my HEART tightly now,
As though we’re holding hands.
How far we’ve traveled, little one-
And my life with you has been sweet.
For I carry you in my heart,
as I firmly plant my feet.


Lynn Barry said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Words are not I will simply say "I love you, my new friend" and end with a HUG.

Meesh said...

I am sorry for your loss as well. He has left an indelible footprint in your heart. Thoughts go out to you.

Lea Ray said...

Lynn and Meesh, thank you for your kind words. I have to say that was the hardest thing I have ever gone through.