Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gluten Free Quick & Easy

I received my copy of Carol Fenster's Gluten Free Quick & Easy and I cannot believe this cookbook. I have never purchased gluten free cookbooks before. However, this one is a must to have. I could not find one recipe in there that I will not be trying. She also has soooo much information in this book on the staples for your cupboards, refrigerators and freezer. She has double recipes in there. Have extra meatballs? Want to do something different with them? Carol has you covered.

There is a wonderful interview with Carol Fenster on Lucy's Free From (Gluten) blog that you must check out.

Now here's the big question. Which recipe will I make this weekend? Pulled Pork Wraps? Or maybe the Beef Carnita's.


Erin S. said...

I got my copy too and can't wait to read it and start cooking and baking.
Very nice blog, by the way!

Lucy said...

Hi - and thanks for the link!

I'm very impressed with the idea of 'planned-overs'. I'm always ending up with tiny bits and pieces left over, not worth saving - but if I make a bit extra on purpose, then we'll get two meals out of one. A great idea, I thought.

I'm planning to bake in the morning from Carol's book - but I can't decide what to bake first ...

Lea Ray said...

I can't wait to start baking from the book but right now it's so hot outside. I think it will have to wait unfortunately.