Friday, July 20, 2007

Feline Friday

Kimberly at Markets and Cats always has beautiful pictures of her cats on Fridays. I thought that was really cool and since I always visit her site on Fridays why not do this on mine. Above is my baby Banshee (unfortunately we loss him a couple of years ago) and he looks exactly like I've been feeling lately.


Is Heaven all you asked of it,O little cat?

Did Peter fit A halo for your graceless head?

Is there a quilt for your special bed,

And a bowl of cream just out of reach Of your thieving paw?

Or do They teach you not to steal in Paradise?

Does the flapping of Their wings entice?

Do you scamper and swing on a golden fence,

Or are They teaching you reverence?

And are there really golden thrones Up there?

Or do the Mighty Ones

Have nice fat chairs that you can claw

And tear and snag with an impious paw?

And do the angels understand

That a little cat in a lonely land

Still longs for a kiss and a friendly cuff?

Celestial joys are not enough.

Please, some small saint in shining white,

Hold him close in your arms tonight.

Author Unknown...

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