Friday, November 2, 2007

I've already screwed it up...

Flamenco Mom says this is National Blog Posting Month. Well, here it is November 2nd and I have already missed a day. This most likely is not going to work for me but I am going to try. Really I am...

I am also going to try some new recipes this month. This is my goal.

Sunday is my anniversary and we are going to try the Olive Garden. I contacted them and they said they do have gluten free options available. I'll keep you informed on that one.

Yesterday when I went to our local Top's Supermarket I found some Risotto mixes that are marked "Gluten Free" right on the box. Now I like seeing that. Now let's hope they taste good. I will also let you know how that turns out. That was actually the highlight of my day. I found out that I have a hand full of ganglion cysts. I have 1/2 dozen or more in my hand that will probably have to be removed by spring. They are growing along my bones instead of growing upwards though, so at least I don't have a lot of swelling in my hand. Not sure how good of news that is but we'll take what we can get at this point.

Sorry Dianne, I have no new pictures of Allie for you but we'll try for tomorrow. So until tomorrow have a good day....


Lynn Barry said...

Have a great time at Olive Garden. I hope everything tastes good and sits well in the tummy.
One of these days I need to go to Belmont for another lunch with LEA! HUGS

Meesh said...

Too bad to hear of the gaglion cysts. My sister had them as well and they were popped and all is well now.

We buy Lundburgs risotto - is that the one you saw? They are clearly marked gluten-free, and taste fairly decent! I always add a splash of white wine to mine, but to each their own!

ryles said...

I added a comment to your earlier post where you got your puppy..
If you dont see that..
please come join our 'Houla family at
And check out my blog for more adventures in gluten free baking for my newly diagnosed cousin!

Lea Ray said...

Lynn, Thanks. Lunch sounds great sometime. We'll probably have to wait until after February. It's garbage permit time and that means lots of overtime for me and lunches at my desk for the next three months. Hugs.

Meesh, This is going to be the second time I've had these taken out. The first time was two years ago. Yukk. The Risotto is from Lundberg. It's the first time I've seen it. I hope I like it.

Ryles, I look forward to checking out your blog. I also am really looking forward to checking out the members board for Catahoulas. Nobody in my area has ever heard of them. I couldn't imagine owning any other dog. She is the best.

ryles said...

We would love to have you on the board!!!
We especially love PICTURES!!!
Please introduce yourself.. and post pictures of your baby.
Its a great place for advise.. most people own more than 1 houla and some are breeders.
It is a wonderfull place to get advise on raising such a cute monster!! :)
So please. leave us a comment..and introduce yourself.
I do not run the board.. I am simply a vistor. But a great couple names Morgan and Greg do run the board.
Its like a family!
If you have any problems with the link, please let me know!

Sven said...

Hi Lea,

I don't know if you have been exploring any natural remedies for ganglion cysts but here are a couple of references that hopefully will open some doors for you.

Dr Mercola ( ) mentions on his website that the oil, Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO),...". ...found in fish and dairy butter, acts as a "joint lubricant" and an anti-inflammatory. I (Dr. Mercola) have also used this for myself to relieve ganglion cysts and a mild annoying carpal tunnel syndrome that pops up when I type too much on non-ergonomic keyboards."

CMO can be ingested or applied topically. I respect Mercola's advice and opinion.

The following site offers more info on the subject
(I've used "Tiny URL" to shorten the very long link).

I appreciate the work that you are putting into this blog. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

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