Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where has this month gone?

I can't believe it is the end of August already. This month has been crazy. I spent last week in Alabama with my family and let me just say it was HOT. Every day was over 100. And on the last day I got a cold and it's a week later and I still have it.
Something good did come out of my visit to Alabama though. I bought a new puppy. She is beagle / catahoula. She is wonderful. I will admit though that I had buyers remorse after I bought her. Just because puppy's are so much work. They are nothing like cats. Cats will take care of themselves even when they are kittens but dogs are another story. But she is turning out to be wonderful. She's from the south so she had to have three names. So I named her Miss Allie Mae Tennessee. (I actually got her in Tennessee, right over the Alabama border). She was my flea market find.

Gary didn't go on vacation with us. So this was a surprise to him. He wasn't too happy at first but that didn't last long. Now he is anxious to teach her to hunt and herd the cows. We will probably have to wait to see how big she is first.
I have done almost no cooking this month. If I do make something it's throwing some meat on the grill with some potatoes sliced up in some tin foil. I love to make my potatoes that way. I can have them fixed how I like them and so can Gary and the best part is no clean up.
We can say goodbye to August for 2007 and let's hope I can get more accomplished in September. I'll keep you informed.


Meesh said...

I agree that this month flew away from us. School begins for the big girl on Tuesday....and already I see Christmas wrap at stores. EEK!

Lynn Barry said...

Congratulations! Your new addition is adorable. I am so happy for you guys. And I love potatoes prepared that way too. HUGS

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

What a cutie!

ryles said...

My very close cousin (more a sister!) was just diagnosed with Celiacs.. I have been trying to be as supportive as i can! (baking away for her!!) and ran across your blog. thanks for the great recipes! I cant wait to make her dinner..

Anyway.. completely unrelated to gluten..

You have a CATAHOULA!! Congrats.. my family is big into houlas.. I would like to invite you to come check out "our home"
its a catahoula message board that we are all addicted too. Please come by. .and join in our fun.. everyone would love to see pictures of your baby.. the love new dogs!

And.. come check out my blog for my adventures in gluten free baking!

Thanks again.. cant wait to see you on Catahouligans!